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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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[ man ] pepsi max. the official soft drink of major league baseball. passengers were in the water for over 16 hours. >> what happened next, these bay area survivors will be talking about for a lifetime. meet a man who made it out alive, and what happened just moments before their boat went belly up in baja. good evening, and happy 4th of july. tonight eight boaters are still missing off the coast of baja, california. they were among the 44 people, many of them from the bay area, thrown into the waters off the sea of cortese early yesterday morning, their 100 ft sport fishing boat tossed upside down in an electrical storm. george kityama joins us with the
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latest from the survivors and their families. >> reporter: tonight we're hearing from one of the survivors, just hours after he was rescued at sea. >> while the search continues for eight men missing at sea, charles gibson and others told their story as a fear and survival. gibson is the police chief of the college district. >> extremely large winds and water contributed to the dangerous conditions, most likely caused the ship to take on water and sick. >> the 27 american tourists, most of them from the buy area, were making their annual 4th of july fishing trip. this 66-year-old was sleeping sunday morning when two waves struck their boat, causing it to sink in the gulf of california. his wife tells a story. >> he and some others were on one side of the boat and the
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boat flipped over very fast. they were thrown into the sea. he was fortunate enough that when he was thrown in, he came up right by a raft. >> other survivors spent more than 16 hours in the water before fishermen and military boats rescued them. one man died. >> local fisher men, members of the mexican military, the mexican state secretary of state tourism and the american consulate have been helpful in helping us get through this turmoil. >> his wife knows he's safe, she's not sure if their friends are among the missing. until her friends come home, she'll try to focus on the questions that can be answered. >> once we get to where the car is, how do we get the car home? >> just little things are what
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i'm dwelling on, because i don't know what else to dwell on. >> among the missing are men from the bay area. many of their family still waiting for any update. the u.s. coast guard and the mexican authorities have confirmed the one man who died was an american, but they have not released his name. >> george, thank you. in sonoma county, a father of three is presumed dead tonight after drowning in the russian river. juan leone of santa rosa couldn't stay above water when he attempted to help his girlfriend after the two swam into deeper waters, when a strong current pulled them further out. a kayaker is credited with rescuing the 24-year-old. after a lengthy search for leone, rescuers called in divers from marin county. the couple wasn't alone, rescuers have their hands full today helping other swimmers who were also trapped by the current. >> we've had four different kids, there's a little bit of a
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ripple get caught. we've had to pull all of them out of the water. >> it's dangerous. >> if you can't swim, don't get in the water, and if you've got kids, put some sort of flotation device on them. >> juan leone will remain listed as missing with authorities until his body is recovered from those waters. a convicted north bay sex offender is back behind bars tonight. accused of forcing his way into a hotel room and raping a woman. ndugo williams is being held without bail on a variety of rape and assault charges as well as burglary and violating parole. the attack happened at the villa inn on lincoln avenue. the victim told investigators she accidentally left the door open a crack. her attacker forced his way in around 4:30 this morning and raped her. afterwards, the woman told the desk clerk what happened. they allegedly found williams in the hotel room naked and unconscious. in 1999 williams plead guilty to
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assault and in 2000, he plead guilty to unlawful sex with a minor and molesting a child. a combative suspect is to blame. authorities tell us the vehicle flipped upside down just before 11:00 this morning on eastbound highway 4 in hercules. we're learning the officer was taking the suspect to county jail in martinez when he lost control of the cruiser. >> prisoner had been unruly during the arrest, and he was spitting on the officer. and that's -- the officer was trying to get something to stop the prisoner from spitting on him when the accident occurred. >> a honda accord was also involved in the accident. two people were taken to area hospitals, both are expected to make a full recovery. the bay area is filled with the red, white and boom of illegal fireworks tonight. our chopper got up just after 9:00 this evening, can you see
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dozens of illegal fireworks displays going off across the east bay. it will be a long night for oakland police and fire teams monitoring the situation. thousands of people, most of them children are injured by illegal fireworks each year. cities and towns throughout the bay area celebrated our country's independence in spectacular fashion. cheryl hurd joins us live from san francisco where she caught up with revellers who enjoyed the best visibility we've seen in years on the 4th. the fog stayed away? >> well, the last several jeers, vicky, it's been cold and foggy. this year, the weather perfect. quite frankly a lot of fun to watch the fireworks through these glasses.
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and the buildup to all of this, pretty dramatic. it was sticker shock for parking along san francisco's embarcadero. but if you wanted to see a super fireworks display, this is is the place to be. >> it's awesome, the weather is nice, the city is awesome. >> a lot of folks were in the independence day spirit. >> i figured how many days a year can i wear this whole getup and not be even weirder. >> reporter: you said it, i didn't. >> i have lived in san francisco my whole life. i've never been to the wharf during the 4th. this is cool. >> reporter: but if you live in the bay area, you know seeing the fireworks display in san francisco, clearly is not guaranteed. >> we came for the last two years and it's been fogged out. >> i don't want to be disappointed like we were last year when we came and it was foggy and nothing was happening. they said, well, you have to go further down, i said, well, i don't know about that. if we can't see anything through
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the fog. >> this year the sky was clear. and the fireworks display -- >> i think it's awesome. >> it's independence day. america's birthday. we should enjoy it as much as we can, you know? >> was it fun? >> yeah. >> was it pretty? >> yeah. >> what do you think it was? >> i think that it was beautiful. >> for five years i've been trying to watch this, and something always happens. this year we left early. got a good spot, got a good parking. sat down. didn't move. we saw. i loved it. >> reporter: i forgot to mention in the beginning, that my glasses are legal. but there's a lot of illegal fireworks going on around me. there is a heavy police presence out here, but everyone seems to be leaving in an ordinarily
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fashion. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> we are loving those glasses brac here in the newsroom. you better hang on to those for new year's eve. >> reporter: thank you. >> have a great night. a won of a kind fireworks display. technology letting you get closer to the action. in ten minutes we'll tell you the secrets behind this video and why you'll never look at the 4th of july in the same way again. that's coming up in about ten minutes from now. a san francisco family is relying on the red cross tonight after losing their home in an early morning fire. the three alarm blaze started close to 6:00 this morning on mission street in the glenn park neighborhood. flames ripped through the first and second floor of the home and quickly spread to others nearby. in all, three homes were burned but everyone got out safely. the red cross is helping more than 20 residents.
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the cause of the fire still under investigation. coming up next, i had a taser but used his gun. why police are defending the agos of a bar police officer that left one man dead. >> it could be the breakthrough scientists have been looking for. nuances for autism. then as if snow and skis aren't rare enough. there was another big surprise out and about this fourth of july. >> i'm jeff ranieri, it cooled off a little bit today, and clear skies for those fireworks celebrations. 85 in san jose, 67 in the city fofan coascoe wntinue through te he t night, we'll call it cool here with phelenty of 60s coming bac. the possibility of thunderstorms in our forecast. right now, more pictures of this fourth of july. the celebration's happening near coyt tower in fisherman's wharf.
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a officer is is under investigation for shooting and killing a man last week. this comes just weeks after officer mehserle was released from prison in the shooting of mr. grant. >> bay area rapid transit police chief says one of the pair of officers who confronted a man on the u.n. plaza civic center trained platform last night was armed with a taser. but it wasn't used. instead a bart officer shot and killed the man who police say was not only carrying a knife, but also using a bottle as a weapon. for the bart police department it was the third officer involved shooting in the last two and a half years, including the controversial shooting of oscar grant. >> a confrontation occurred as a
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result of the suspect's aggressive actions. and fearing for the safeties of one of the officers discharging his duty weapon striking the suspect. >> bart released this time line, bart's police dispatch receives a call about a man carrying an open bottle of alcohol on the platform. dispatch updates the call, describing the man as wobbly and drunk. at 9:45 two bart police officers arrive on the platform. one minute later at 9:46 an officer opens fire. >> let me say this, anybody that thinks officers wake up in the morning and want to be in these type of situations is just dead wrong. >> cameras placed across the platform captured the incident and sfpd will be handling the criminal investigation. police are asking anyone who witnessed the altercation to contact them. some passengers said today they believe this incident proves once again that bart police are too aggressive. not everyone agrees.
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walter are paulson rides bart every day. >> i think they should be safe than sorry. it will be good protection for everyone. >> traci grant, nbc bay area news. a study of twins will be a game changer in their field. because autism spectrum disorders include a wide range of conditions from mild to severe, researchers do not think there's a single cause for all of them. the study found the autism risk rose among mothers who took a popular kind of anti-depressant a year prior to pregnancy. the study was published online today by the journal archives of general psychiatry. coming up tomorrow night at 11:00, it may be extreme, but some parents swear by the results. turning to medical marijuana to
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treat their children's symptoms of autism. is it legal? and are they putting them at risk? the secret service is now investigating a computer mahack attack of a fox news twitter account. fox news is apologizing for malicious tweets that appeared this morning saying barack obama had been shot and killed in with a wanchs this year's snow pack in the high country could be forcing more bears to roam at lake level. our cameras spotted this wayward bear on the slopes. rangers routinely warn visitors bears are always around, they forage for food anywhere people leave it out. less than a week ago a bear was shot after scratching a camper in southlake. happy 4th of july. >> shorts on skis. tahoe the hotspot this holiday.
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visitors took the liberty to ski in their swimsuits for the first time in decades. >> conditions rock, we have corn snow, we have spring conditions. and right off liftoffs. >> it's awesome to be out here on july 4th, get some good slushy spring turns, it's amazing. >> but it's summer. >> oh, yeah, i forgot that part. >> at least four ski resorts were open for skiing, there's plenty of snow at mammoth at yosemite and at mount shasta. jeff, ever go skiing in your shorts or bathing suit? >> i have not. i am surprised i have not been sent up there. >> whole slopes are covered. you can go to the pool or slip on your skis. >> unbelievable. let's get a look at -- this is one of my favorite freeze frames. some red, white and blue. that's looking out from our
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downtown san francisco sky camera, right next to coyt tower. it looks like a postcard, doesn't it? a lot of those souvenir shops will be pushing out some post guards since this is one of the best visibilities we had in years. throughout tonight over the half hour, the fireworks, as it was really going off here with a lot of boats out there, and even before those fireworks were happening, we saw tons of flashes from everyone tweeting and facebooking, all those pictures from tonight. let's get a look here throughout the east bay and the south bay, still very warm to mild right now, 67 in san jose, 74 in livermore. upper 50s and low 60s in the peninsula. 64 right now in santa rosa. as we head throughout the night, mainly clear conditions, patchy fog at the coastline. not a big widespread fog event. still hot inland, look at all this dry air sitting across california. anywhere you see the orange and yellow, that's where the region of high pressure is fuelling
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this heat, we'll see still dry northerly winds. that will keep it with 90s inland. for wednesday, we'll start to see these numbers bumping down by some fog that will build up at the coastline. tomorrow, at 6:00 in the morning, not too much fog to speak of from the north bay to the east bay. relatively clear start. more sunny skies for tomorrow. by 6:00 p.m., still clear skies. we're going to watch one thing, the possibility of thunderstorms coming our way over the next five days. it's not going to be anything like we had last week when temperatures were unseasonably cold and we had all that record setting rain. it's going to be something to watch if you are doing summer vacationing with the kids and a trip to lake tahoe. instead of snow, we could be talking thunderstorms. cooling off at the coast, 70s, still hot inland, 94 in san ramon. 94 in fairfield, 89 in napa. for the north bay, upper 80s to near 90 degrees.
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feels like a saturday or sunday, but it's not, right? >> no, we have four more days to go. >> mid to upper 80s, a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms on wednesday and thursday for the high country, if you are headed to the higher elevations, wednesday and thursday, that will be the time to watch out for the possibility of lightning which could be dangerous. >> all over the mountain. >> everywhere. >> thank you. it's a pretty impressive horn. >> they say no man is an island but we caught up with a bay area couple that mans one. peter and dina are innkeepers on east brother island in the middle of san francisco bay in an historic lighthouse. it's one of the few lighthouses you can stay in. it's a lot of manual labor for the inn keeps. when they host guests at the unique bed and breakfast, they
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often spend hours playing board ga and mes and drinking wine and listening to that fog horn.
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now to a clever owed to independence day. jeremiah warren is a vig yog rahher if you saw there, he rigged some fireworks with cameras, let them go and
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uploaded the video. >> i had a piece of pvc i stuck into the ground i put fireworks inside that. for filming, i attached the camera at the bottom looking up or at the top looking down. the problem was attaching the camera, shooting it and hoping it looked good. >> and it good, a unique bird's eye perspective of the fireworks tonight. he plans to release another video around the next holiday. let's check in now with jim kozamor for a look at sport this is independence day. >> good evening to you. the padres look to rain on the giants holiday parade. every dog has its da4t is joey chestnut's day on coney island. i want to crush more cars.
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good evening and happy independence day, i'm jim kozimor. on the 4th of july, we need mom, apple pie, some hot dogs. anything to make us feel good. the baseball in the bay area monday could not go the way we wanted it to. giants and the padres, tim lincecum in early trouble in this one. already, 1-0 in san diego. that scores jason bartlett, 2-0 padres, lincecum four innings. pablo sandoval, a two-run shot. and panda extends his hitting streak to 15 games. top of the ninth, padres get some insurance. marin county's venable takes guillermo. giants just 1 for 7 with runners in scoring position.
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>> i don't know, things weren't going right. i don't -- i used this all the time as an excuse. i didn't feel like i had a good rhythm, good energy. so i just felt like i was battling through every pitch, instead of just cruising. >> a's hosting the mariners, brandon mccarthy making his first start since may 18th for the athletics, he got some early help from kurt suzuki. bottom of the second his two-out single scores. the a's lead it by a score of 1-0. move to the top of the 7th, we're tied at 1. and justin smoke doubles, right field corner. brendan ryan comes in to score all the way to first. a's manage just three hits and fall 2-1. >> don't change anything about the way i throw. 15-1 or 1-0. it's simply executing pitches, if i throw a shutout, we have a better shot.
11:30 pm
i don't think about the offense, what's going to happen. that's just too much to be thinking about while i'm out there. the fourth of july means hot dog binging. joey chestnut defending his nathan's dog eating title by downing 62 dogs in ten minutes. he's won five consecutive mustard belts at the annual event. chestnut is just 27 entering his dog eating prime, kobayashi was at a separate event, he was 149 pounds when he started 158 pounds when he finished. >> you have a personal best in. >> no, not for a while. i think that was, all time record. 26. >> what about yours? >> my personal one, you know, i'm not quite with the big boys right there. i'm probably only in the low
11:31 pm
teens now. >> all right, all right, jim, thank you so much. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪
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tonight we're growing going to leave you with the best of the best from tonight's fireworks in the bay area. you showed us that time lapse. >> yes. >> and all across the country. have a great night. happy independence day. with 70 state parks on the budget chopping block, our latest editorial urges you to
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support sb-580 and ab-42. bills that would help save these national treasures. parks are our most essential commons. we can't allow them to be closed. we voted on supporting our parks in november, and decided we wanted money in our pockets more than we wanted our parks to remain open. elliott calls for public private partnerships. it's time to think outside the box. it also appears we need a new box. it will displace state workers both part time and permanent. no matter how you slice it, they want to supplement union workers with volunteers. thanks for your comments. former governor mike h


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